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Singapore & Australia's leading fine art printing company  


We use the best quality materials to create stunning colour and superb neutral black and white prints.
Our trained staff can meet your photo/poster paper printing needs.

We use certified links, independently tested against fading. Our pigment based colour inkset is rated to 75years, and our carbon based black and white inset is 200 years! We create vibrant, punchy colour prints and completely neutral B&W prints.

We can print your photo/poster paper in any size from A4 to 110cm x 150cm.
Each photo/poster paper is printed on archival, 240gsm, satin photographic paper.
This paper is far superior to most papers that are offered by many photo/poster paper printing companies.

All of our photo paper and posters prints are proudly printed and handcut in Singapore.


We offer 2 types of photo/poster papers - Standard & Metallic

  • Photographic quality printing

  • Normal - 240gsm paper weight which is three times the thickness of standard photocopy paper
  • Metallic - 255gsm paper weight, gives a beautiful pearl sheen to your image

  • Archival (non-fade) for 30 years.

  • We specialize in short-run photo/poster paper production, offering printing of quantities from 1 to 1000.

  • Many photo/poster paper printing companies are using sign-writing printers to create their photo/poster papers. Most of these printers are four colour (CMYK) which render flat colours.

    We print in RGB & our printers are high-end machines designed for photographic reproduction.
    They contain nine ink cartridges which allow us to generate much brighter, more vivid photo/poster papers.

  • We then trim your photo/poster papers and can send it anywhere in Singapore. Delivery is $23, irregardless of location or quantity.

Please call us for even more information and helpful tips on ordering your photo/poster paper prints.

Custom sizes available upon request.
Prices exclude delivery subject to change without notice.



Popular Sizes     1 pc     50+ pcs
4R (4"x6") $1.10 $0.80
5R (5"x7") $1.60 $1.20
6R (6"x8") $2.20 $1.60
8R (8"x10") $3.60 $2.70
10R (10"x12") $5.30 $3.40
12R (12"x15.5") $8.30 $6.20
A4 (21 x 29.7cm) $4.30 $3.20
A3 (29.7 x 42cm) $8.60 $6.40
A2 (42 x 59.4cm) $17.10 $12.80
A1 (59.4 x 84.1cm) $34.20 $25.70
A0 (84.1 x 118.9cm) $68.70 $51.50
30x40cm $8.30 $6.20
40x50cm $13.70 $10.30
50x70cm $24.00 $18.00




Popular Sizes     1 pc     50+ pcs
4R (4"x6") $1.40 $1.00
5R (5"x7") $2.00 $1.50
6R (6"x8") $2.70 $2.00
8R (8"x10") $4.50 $3.40
10R (10"x12") $6.70 $5.00
12R (12"x15.5") $10.30 $7.70
A4 (21 x 29.7cm) $5.40 $4.00
A3 (29.7 x 42cm) $10.70 $8.00
A2 (42 x 59.4cm) $21.40 $16.00
A1 (59.4 x 84.1cm) $42.80 $32.10
A0 (84.1 x 118.9cm) $85.90 $64.40
30x40cm $10.30 $7.70
40x50cm $17.10 $12.90
50x70cm $30.00 $22.50


These are perfect for wedding receptions, ROMs, engagements, beautiful memories, newborn, studio shoots, travel photography, momentos, brides & grooms, akad nikah, tea ceremonies, mehendi ceremonies, henna ceremonies, family photos, vacations, gifts, presents, holiday photos, corporate listings, corporate tokens, portfolios, farewell books, baby photography, personalised books and many more!


Why are your photo/poster papers superior?

Many photo/poster paper printers are using either signwriting or dye based printers. Sign-writing printers are normally 4 or 6 colour. This restricts the colour gamut (number of colours that can be printed). Dye based printers can product very good colour, but tend to fade and colour shift within a couple of weeks.

We use high-end, fine art printers with 9 cartridges. This creates incredibly vibrant, accurate colours that will last 30-75 years. In addition, we use photographic quality paper. This product is archival for 30 years, 240gsm weight and prints beautifully.


Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, you can order 1 or 1000 pcs.


What size photo/poster paper can you print?

We have no set sizes and can print anything from A4 to 110cmx150cm.


How long will it take to produce my photo/poster paper prints?

This depends on the quantity and size. Small quantities (less than 10 pcs) should be dispatched within 3-4 working days upon confirmation.
Please contact us for turnaround times for larger quantities.


What courier cost is involved?

Courier is $23 regardless of size or quantity or free for self collection


How can I be sure the colours in my photo/poster paper prints will be correct?

We have created over 100,000 canvas prints and fine art prints for hundreds of professional photographers, interior designers, graphic artists and the general public. We operate a professional colour workflow that includes custom printer profiles and regular monitor calibration.


How does the metallic paper look like?

- Handcrafted In Singapore -
10 Reasons why over 2000 Professional Photographers choose us:

1.  Over 20 years of experience

2.  100% Money back guarantee on all products

3.  75 year full replacement warranty on all canvas prints

4.  No upfront payments required for any products

5.  50% discount for your initial studio samples

6.  Locally manufactured using the highest level of craftsmanship and world class archival materials in all products

7.  Full colour - managed workflow

8.  We can ship directly to your clients (without identifying details)

9.  We can manage limited edition prints and digital signatures

10.  Extend all warranties and guarantees to your clients


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